Masala Zone came into existence in 2007 mainly due to the love and passion our founder have towards the exotic spices and traditional dishes he grew up with. As everyone learned over the years, Spices are the most important ingredient in Indian food.
There is no taste or aroma without them. We here at Masala Zone strive to amaze you with our best Indian Cuisine made with the perfect blend of Indian Spices. Our specially designed menu delights with an assortment of Veg & Non-Veg Indian Dishes to tongue tickling Indo/Chinese Dishes.
You've had the opportunity to try all the Indian restaurants in the Tri-State region and some you were happy with and some you would never go into. Why don't you come in and see why our clients are very vocal and supportive of our mouthwatering dishes. Come in and try our specials and let us know if there's anything we can do to make it better or if you'd like for us to make it as good as we make it now. We have been serving our esteemed clients for over a decade and we would love to continue the great service.



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